“Penalty rates must be maintained.

We can’t go backwards.”


Our Rates Our Rights

The SDA has been looking after Distribution Centre members for over 40 years. Also, the SDA is the traditional union in the retail warehouse sector.

SDA sites such as the Coles DCs, the Woolworths BRDC and the Kmart DC have the highest Distribution Centre rates of pay and the best working conditions in Queensland. This is no accident. It is a direct result of the hard work of SDA members, delegates and officials over the last 40 years.

Some hard fought conditions and job security maybe under attack in both the Big W DC and the Woolies BLDC, so it’s vital all workers in those areas stand united and fight to protect the conditions you deserve.

Workers in distribution centres keep the industry running – we deserve fair rates and rights in return for working around the clock to keep our supermarkets and department stores moving.

Stay tuned to this website throughout the negotiations. It’s where all the information on all of the negotiations will be updated and a place where you can ask questions about the progress of the discussions.

Together we’ll get the rates and rights we deserve.

“It’s about equity and fairness across the workforce and across roles within the workforce.



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