The SDA is the friend at work you can’t afford to be without. We are your voice at work.

Our most important role is to protect you and your rights at work. If you have any concerns or questions, we are able to answer them and act on your behalf if anything needs fixing. Read what your rights are.

When you become a member of the SDA, you also receive access to a huge array of discounts and benefits. These discounts and benefits cover a huge range of products and categories, helping you save money and enjoy life to the full!

Along with great offers and plenty of free stuff, members can be confident in knowing the SDA will support them by negotiating their rates of pay, better working conditions and ensuring members receive their entitlements.

Every worker has the right to join a union. Union membership is important for all workers, especially young workers. It is against the law for an employer to stop you from joining a union

Benefits of SDA membership include:

  • Negotiation of wages and conditions
  • Protection of all workplace rights
  • Legal representation with industrial disputes
  • Legal representation with workers’ compensation
  • Workplace health & safety services
  • Shop floor representation
  • Extensive member discounts
  • Scholarships and competitions
  • Regular communications
  • Access to the exclusive online members’ area
  • Discount movie tickets
  • Education Scholarships
  • Regular SDA Newsletters
  • Awesome competitions

Are you eligible to join?

The SDA is a union for Retail, Fast Food and Warehousing. If you are not in those industries and your workplace is not listed below, you may not be eligible. Please Contact us to confirm.

Important information

This electronic form is a membership application. Upon completion of the form, and confirmation of your eligibility, the SDA will forward your application on to your employer to proceed with payroll deduction fees.

  • You are not a member until you receive confirmation from the union office;
  • That we cannot help with pre-existing problems;
  • You are not eligible for member assistance until you are a financial member.

If you can’t find your workplace, please contact us