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Information correct for Big W DC employees in Warwick, Queensland



Monday, 25 December 2017; Tuesday, 26 December 2017; Monday, 1 January 2018 & Friday, 26 January 2018.

Public Holidays for Full-timers and Part-timers

Full-time and part-time Associates shall be entitled to, without loss of pay to the public holidays listed to the left.

A Full-time or Part-time Associate who works an average of 5 days per week, whose non-working day falls on a public holiday shall receive by mutual agreement either:
(i) Another day off with pay to be taken within one calendar month of the public holiday or during the two weeks prior to the holiday; or
(ii) The addition of an equivalent day’s pay; or
(iii) One extra day added to Annual Leave.

Casual Employees

Casual employees shall be paid for actual hours worked. The hours worked on a public holiday shall be paid at the rate of 272%.
Changing Roster

Provided that any Associate whose roster is changed with the intent of avoiding or reducing payment due or the benefit applicable under the public holiday clause and who would, but for the change of roster, have been entitled otherwise to a payment or benefit for a public holiday or holidays shall be paid for such holiday or holidays as if the roster had not been changed.

Public Holiday rate of pay

Full and part time employees receive 250% on public holidays whilst casual employees receive 272%.

The senior Full-time, Part-time  hourly rate for Public Holidays (250%) :

Grade 1. $ 54.6125
Grade 2. $ 58.2829
Grade 3. $ 62.5638
Grade 4. $ 65.7105
Grade 5. $ 68.8132
Grade 6. $ 71.9138

The senior CASUAL hourly rate for Public Holidays (272%):

Grade 1. $ 59.4184
Grade 2. $ 63.4118
Grade 3. $ 68.0694
Grade 4. $ 71.4931
Grade 5. $ 74.8687
Grade 6. $ 78.2422