Donations for 2020

December 14, 2020 Know Your Rights Our Resources

By Chris Gazenbeek, SDA Secretary

For many years, the SDA has donated up to $20,000 to well known charities which have helped SDA members and the wider Queensland community.

In 2020, the SDA Executive decided to donate 4 x $5,000 to The Smith Family, St Vincent de Paul Society, Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and SANE Australia. All of these charities, in their own way, have assisted our members throughout 2020.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is Australia’s largest national education-orientated charity. They support disadvantaged Australian children to participate in their education thus giving these children the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies)

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 60,000 members and volunteers who work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. Vinnies offer ‘a hand up’ to people in need. They do this by respecting their dignity, offering hope and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.

Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer

QIMR Berghofer is one of Australia’s most successful research institutes. It is renowned world wide for its rich history of scientific discoveries. At QIMR, they seek to discover, diagnose and deliver better treatments for some of the world’s deadliest diseases including COVID-19. They have a team of 1000 scientists, support staff and students who live out QIMR’s mission to achieve better health through medical research.

In a nutshell, QIMR’s research saves lives including those of SDA members.

SANE Australia

SANE Australia is a national mental health charity making a real difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues through support, research and advocacy. Their aim is to help people live long and fulfilling lives, free from stigma and discrimination.


For those members who are interested, I encourage you to learn more about these four wonderful organisations by going to their respective websites.

There is no doubt that throughout 2020, our members have relied on these and other services for extra help and assistance. Therefore, it is only fair and proper that the SDA provide some financial relief to these well-respected organisations when they have helped so many of our members and their families.