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All work on public holidays is voluntary!

*All information is correct for Kmart Stores in Queensland.


  • Monday, 25 December 2017;
  • Tuesday, 26 December 2017;
  • Monday, 1 January 2018 &
  • Friday, 26 January 2018.

Public Holidays for Full-timers and Part-timers

  1. Whether your store opens or does not open for trade on a public holiday, and you would have been rostered to work, you are entitled to the day off without loss of pay.
  2. For Full-time employees, if a non-working day falls on a public holiday, you will receive by mutual agreement either:

    (a) payment of an additional day’s wages
    (b) one day added to your annual leave
    (c) another day off with pay to be taken within twenty-eight days of the holiday or during the week prior to the holiday. The additional day off shall be granted on the day before or after the Public Holiday or attached to other consecutive days off.

    For part-time employees, you shall be entitled to (a), (b) or (c) above where you work an alternating roster and the public holiday falls on a day on which you work in any week of your roster cycle.

    A part-time employee who works 20 starts per 4 week cycle, whose non-working day falls on a public holiday, shall be entitled to (a), (b) or (c) above, or where the employee is contracted to work a minimum of 32 hours per week and their non-working day falls on a Public Holiday.

  3. Where your store opens for trade on a public holiday and you would normally be rostered to work and you volunteer to work, you will receive the 250% public holiday rate for all time worked.
  4. All Kmart stores must cease trading by 6pm on Christmas Eve.
  5. New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve Work after 6.00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve will be subject to the following provisions:

    (a) Team members not wishing to work beyond 6pm shall advise Kmart at least 4 weeks prior to Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.
    (b) Kmart shall then seek volunteer replacements.
    (c) If insufficient volunteers are obtained then Kmart shall have the right to direct the working of a team member’s normal roster so that a reasonable staffing level is reached.
    (d) In cases of permanently rostered staff not wanting to work at these times they shall be rostered to work on another day or time in the 4 week cycle as part of their ordinary rates of pay.


Public Holidays for Casual Employees

Payment for work is 250%. A casual employee receives the same public holiday hourly rate as full-time and
part-time employees.

The Level 1 Full-time, Part-time and CASUAL Retail Assistant hourly rate for Public Holidays is 250% with a minimum payment for 3 hours work:

20+            $53.64
19               $42.91
18               $36.21
17                $30.84
16 & under  $26.82


  1. What happens if a Public Holiday falls in my Holidays?
    Don’t worry. This day will not be deducted from your annual leave balance.
  2. Do I have to work on a public holiday?
    No, all work on a public holiday for ALL employees is voluntary. I repeat, VOLUNTARY!
  3. Do roster changes affect my entitlement to public holidays?
    No, your roster cannot be changed to avoid payment of penalties, loadings or other benefits. Should this occur you are still entitled to the benefit.