Kmart Public Holidays Easter 2022

March 21, 2022 Know Your Rights

During April and May 2022, six Public Holidays occur.

  • Good Friday – 15 April
  • Easter Saturday – 16 April
  • Easter Sunday – 17 April
  • Easter Monday – 18 April
  • ANZAC Day – 25 April
  • Labour Day – 2 May


The Level 1 rates for Public Holidays for all employees are:

15 & under$22.62$25.14

*wage rates are rounded to two decimal places.

Public Holidays for Full-timers and Part-timers

  • Where your store does not open for trade on a public holiday, and you would have been rostered to work, you are entitled to the day off without loss of pay (excluding the public holiday rate of pay).
  • Where your store opens for trade on a public holiday, work is voluntary. A permanent team member who is normally rostered to work the day on which a public holiday falls may elect to work the day, or part thereof and if the company agrees to the member working, the member shall be paid the public holiday rate of pay appropriate for time so worked. Provided that when a member who is ordinarily rostered to work the day on which a public holiday falls does not work they shall be entitled to the day of without loss of pay.
  • Where your store opens for trade on a public holiday and you would normally be rostered to work and you volunteer to work, you will receive the public holiday rate of pay. Alternatively, you may elect to take TOIL or take an equivalent amount of time added to your annual leave noting that both the TOIL and annual leave option must be recorded and agreed.

Easter Sunday

Because of the strong lobbying by the SDA, Easter Sunday has been legislated as a public holiday throughout Queensland.

Easter Sunday is treated just like any other public holiday on the calendar.
Members can now choose whether to work or not on Easter Sunday and be paid public holiday penalties if they are chosen to work.


  1. Do roster changes affect my entitlement to public holidays?
    No, your roster cannot be changed to avoid payment of penalties, loadings or other benefits. Should this occur you are still entitled to the benefit. If you are unsure of how this entitlement may affect you, please contact your Shop Steward or Union Organiser at the Union Office.