Myer Public Holidays Easter 2022

March 21, 2022 Know Your Rights
During April and May 2022, six Public Holidays occur.
  • Good Friday – 15 April
  • Easter Saturday – 16 April
  • Easter Sunday – 17 April
  • Easter Monday – 18 April
  • ANZAC Day – 25 April
  • Labour Day – 2 May

(Queen’s Birthday is observed on Monday, 3 October 2022).
These are in addition to the Regional Show Holidays.

Thanks to the SDA, Easter Sunday is a Public Holiday

Wages for all employees

The Level 1 rates for Public Holidays for all employees are:

16 & under$27.90

*wage rates are rounded to two decimal places.

PART 1 Employees
Part 1 Employees are those employees that are employed by Myer before November 15, 2007 and remain in their current store.

Public Holidays for Full-timers and Part-timers
  • Where a public holiday falls on a normal rostered day and you do not work, you are entitled to the day off without loss of pay
  • For Full-time employees, if a non-working day falls on a public holiday, you will receive by mutual agreement either:

(a) another day off with pay to be taken within one calendar month of the holiday or during the week prior to the holiday; or
(b) the addition of an equivalent day’s pay; or
(c) one extra day added to annual leave excluding 17.5% annual leave loading.

  • For part-time employees, you shall be entitled to (a), (b) or (c) above where you work an alternating roster and the public holiday falls on a day on which you work, or occasionally work, as part of your roster cycle; or
  • For part-time employees, you shall be entitled to (a), (b) or (c) above where you work 20 starts over a 4 week cycle, and your non-working day falls on a public holiday.
  • Where a public holiday falls on a day where you are rostered to work and you volunteer to work and are chosen to work, you will receive an additional 150% for your normal rostered hours and/or 250% for any overtime hours worked.
  • Minimum payment on a public holiday is for 3 hours of work.
  • Where a public holiday falls on a day where you are not rostered to work and you are chosen to work, your entitlement shall be 250%. This payment is in addition to the entitlement pursuant to Point 2 above.
  • Easter Sunday: Because of the strong lobbying by the SDA, Easter Sunday has been legislated as a public holiday throughout Queensland. Easter Sunday is treated just like any other public holiday on the calendar.
  • Work after 6.00pm on the Thursday before Good Friday is subject to the following provisions:

(a) Myer shall post the roster at least 14 days in advance.
(b) Employees not wishing to work beyond 6.00pm shall advise Myer within 7 days of the roster being posted.
(c) Myer shall then seek volunteer replacements. If insufficient volunteers are obtained, then Myer shall have the right to direct the working of an employee’s normal roster so that a reasonable staffing level is reached.

Part 2 employees are those employees who are:

(a) employed prior to November 15, 2007 and elect to transfer to a new store – e.g., North Lakes and Robina;
(b) employed after November 15, 2007; or
(c) Part 1 employees who freely elect to become Part 2 employees.

  1. Where a public holiday falls on a normal rostered day and you do not work, you are entitled to the day off without loss of pay
  2. Employees can be required to work public holidays.
  3. When an employee works on a public holiday, Myer will choose whether a permanent employee receives 250% or 150% plus time off in lieu.
  4. All casual employees will be paid 250%.
  5. Where a public holiday occurs on a non-working day, for a 20 day permanent employee or a permanent employee who works 152 hours over a 4 week cycle, then the employee will receive an additional days pay or time off in lieu, based on the average hours worked per day.
  6. A roster change cannot be made to solely avoid a public holiday payment – e.g. Easter Saturday or Anzac Day.
  7. If a public holiday falls in your holidays, your holidays will increase by one day for every public holiday that falls in your holidays.
Public Holidays for Casual Employees

Payment for work is 250% with a minimum payment for 3 hours of work.

NOTE: Casual employees receive the same public holiday rate as full-time and part-time employees.


Q. I am a Part 1 employee. What happens if I have already indicated to Myer that I will work on – e.g., Australia Day – but I really don’t want to?
A. Inform the Company immediately of your non-availability. Once again, all work on public holidays is voluntary. Your rights are guaranteed in your Enterprise Agreement.

Q. Do roster changes affect my entitlement to public holidays?
A. No, your roster cannot be changed to avoid payment of penalties, loadings or other benefits. Should this occur you are still entitled to the benefit.

Q. What happens if a Public Holiday falls in my Holidays?
A. Don’t worry. This day will not be deducted from your annual leave balance.

Q. What is the rate of pay after 6pm on Christmas Eve?
All work performed after 6pm is paid at the public holiday rate as advised above.