API offers no improvements with 3% wage rise

January 19, 2017 API

The SDA presented draft documents to API and the NUW/ER reps to consider the inclusion of the following benefits in the agreement:

  • Agency staff be on the same conditions as API staff
  • Parental leave MOU – should legislation improve conditions they would apply to API
  • Blood donor leave
  • Family & Domestic Violence leave
  • Natural disaster leave
  • JCC – having both SDA/NUW representatives plus employee reps in meetings.

Whilst API’s refusal to all improved benefits is understandable.  It is astounding and extremely disappointing that the NUW/Employee representatives also oppose these improved benefits!!

What have the negotiations achieved – VERY LITTLE.

Employees are able to talk to the company at a JCC that may or may not have union participation.

What has API offered?

API has stated its final offer is a 3% wage increase OR a 3.15% (if employees accept an increased span of ordinary hours) with no other improvements to the agreement.

The SDA cannot genuinely support an agreement that does not include improved conditions however a 3% wage offer in itself is reasonable considering the current climate.

The SDA reject the 3.15% offer – it is not an acceptable increase for giving up penalty hours.

What happens now ?

Group member meetings are to be held next week to consider offers.  API intends to put the offers to a vote. Please await advice on meeting times.