Negotiations of EBAs

The step-by-step guide to negotiating an EBA:

Consultation process

  • Members are asked to complete a written or electronic survey. Members are asked to itemise the changes they believe will improve the Agreement.
  • A meeting of SDA shop stewards or delegates is held to compile a comprehensive log of claims.
  • For national Agreements such as the National Woolworths Supermarket Agreement or the National Bunning Enterprise Agreement, SDA Branches meet and compile a national log of claims.

Negotiation process

  • Negotiations commence between the employer and the SDA. Both the individual company and the SDA have a list of claims which they argue for during the negotiating process.
  • Often those claims are diametrically opposed to each other.
  • A series of meetings are held over a period of months.
  • At the end of the negotiations, it is hoped that there is an in-principle agreement between the parties.

Report-back meetings

  • A further meeting of SDA shop stewards or delegates is held to hear the outcome of the negotiations.
  • The meeting decides whether to support the in-principle agreement or not.
  • SDA organisers, shop stewards and delegates have report-back meetings with members. At these meetings, members are given a full report on the details of the negotiations.

Voting process

  • Employees decide through a secret ballot whether they accept or reject the proposed agreement.
  • If the majority of employees support the proposed agreement, the parties ask the Fair Work Commission to certify the agreement.

Fair Work Commission

  • The FWC certifies the agreement and as such, the agreement legally defines members’ entitlements and conditions for the duration of the Agreement.