API Update – Tuesday 8th September Meeting

January 19, 2017 API

The SDA met with API, NUW & Employee Representatives on Tuesday 8th September 2015.

The SDA pressed for the company to reconsider its stance by removing the expansion of ordinary day time hours and provide for the matters the SDA raised in its log of claims. In particular SDA pressed for the company to consider insertion of the following clauses into the agreement:

  • Blood donor leave
  • Family & Domestic Violence leave
  • Natural disaster leave
  • Ability to have cash out of Annual leave, Long service Leave and Accrued Rostered Days off.

The SDA did not seek to have any further mass meetings as it had placed its position to API and meetings would not have benefited the stance taken.

What has API done?

API has considered its position and removed the increased Span and reduced its wages offer to 3% (previously 3.15%) without any further changes to the agreement. As previously advised whilst the SDA is disappointed that the agreement does not provide further benefits it does not reduce any and has a generally reasonable wage offer.


API has reposted the revised agreement at the site and will hold a formal ballot over Thursday (17th ) and Friday (18th).