What do you want; when do you want it?

January 19, 2017 Big W DC
Your SDA has presented Big W DC management ‎with our members claims. Already the company is considering our claims to:
Introduce ‎Domestic & Family Violence leave.
Introduce Natural Disaster leave
Allow the use of personal leave to extend compassionate leave
Allow the cashing out of annual leave
Allow annual leave to be taken at half pay.
Allow the ability to request a re-crediting of Annual leave when it was interrupted by proven personal illness or injury.
Allow the ability of casual employees to discuss options on permanent engagement.
‎But we need to know what’s most important to YOU.
Talk to your SDA Delegates, or your SDA Organisers and let them know which of our claims are most important to you.
These are your rates and your rights, we need to know your thoughts!