Coles EBA negotiations update – 11 June

January 19, 2017 Coles

This circular provides an update for SDA members on the ongoing negotiations between Coles and the SDA for a new Enterprise Agreement at the Coles DC.

To date the SDA and Coles have met six times. The negotiations have been productive and a number of claims by both the SDA and Coles have been ‘agreed in principle’.This means that agreement on these claims is not final and is subject to the overall package to be agreed between the parties.

While some items have been agreed in principle the parties still remain far apart on some issues, particularly on wage increases.


Coles has made a wages offer to the SDA but has attached a number of its own claims to the wage increase. The SDA has rejected Coles’ offers on the basis that they do not provide a decent wage increase above inflation to members. The SDA has also rejected most of Coles’ claims which it has attached to the wage increase.

The SDA’s initial claim was for a 6% wage increase. As part of the negotiations, the SDA has dropped its claim to 5.8%. The SDA is seeking feedback from its members about further wage offers from the SDA.

Major SDA Claims

SDA Claim 8 – Redundancy: The SDA’s claim was to reflect in the Agreement, the SDA standard entitlement for redundancy to four weeks per year of service. Coles’ response was to agree to an increased redundancy entitlement only if the SDA agreed to remove the ability for the SDA to negotiate a higher package if redundancies occurred. The SDA has rejected Coles’ proposal.

SDA Claim 16 – Consultation on Roster Changes: Coles has agreed in principle to insert a clause requiring the Company to consult and take into account family responsibilities of employees when changing rosters. Coles has agreed in principle and the parties are negotiating on the exact wording.

SDA Claim 19 – 4 min Walking Time: Coles and the SDA continue to discuss this claim on the basis that clause 27.4 of the current agreement already states that break time starts when the employee enters the canteen.

SDA Claim 27 – Cashing out of Annual Leave and Long Service Leave: Coles has agreed in principle to allow the cashing out of annual leave in certain circumstances.

SDA Claim 34 – Domestic Violence: Coles has agreed in principle to a domestic violence clause for the EBA but has rejected paid domestic violence leave. The SDA is pressing for paid domestic violence leave.