How Pay Rises Work in New Coles Retail Agreement

March 19, 2024 Coles

Justin Power – SDA State Secretary

1. Does the new Coles Retail Agreement contain pay rises?
Yes. The new Coles Retail Agreement has pay rises for each year of the Agreement.

2. How will pay go up?
Last year the pay rise was 5.75%.

Pay rises will go up by the percentage pay rise the SDA wins with the ACTU in the Fair Work Commission as part of the annual wage review case each year.

This is how your pay rise has worked since 2018.

3. How much has/will pay go up?
Last year pay went up 5.75%. The year before it went up 4.7%. The amount varies each year:

  • We put the case for how much the pay rise is each year and the Fair Work Commission takes into account things like the rate of inflation in setting pay rises.
  • Using this method of pay rises in the Coles Agreement, since 2018 base pay rates have gone up by more than inflation*.
  • Pay rises have increased by 23.1% whilst inflation was 19.9% for the same period (*inflation is calculated using the Australian Bureau of Statistics CPI figures in the 12 months to March each year).

The SDA is currently putting the case for this year’s pay rise to the Fair Work Commission.