Great News! Proposed new BLDC agreement voted up

August 21, 2019 Woolies BLDC

Great News! The proposed new BLDC agreement has now been voted up with a 76.5% yes vote of support.

The proposed agreement will now be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for certification.

This part of the process could take anywhere from a couple of week to months, and the timing is up to the Fair Work Commission and we can’t speed it up.

But the RDO’s for Full Time employees have already been implemented

And once the proposed new agreement is certified:

  • The first 3.5% pay increase will be back paid to the 5th of August;
  • The Redundancy cap increases to 52 weeks;
  • The new system for assigning extra hours becomes embedded in the agreement;
  • All other improvements under the agreement take effect.

The SDA would like to take this opportunity to thank your Delegates, Bevan, Huxley, Luke, Tim and Nick for their hard work in these negotiations, and YOU, our members, for your support.

And if you know someone who is going to benefit from this new agreement and is not a part of the SDA, encourage them to join today and make your union that much stronger!

These are YOUR RATES and YOUR RIGHTS and once this agreement is certified it will be our job to make sure you get them.