Negotiation Breakdown Everyone’s Invited

January 19, 2017 Woolies BLDC

The parties met again today to negotiate YOUR new agreement.

The Company continued to insist that if the workers want to get RDO’s and many of their other claims, then there will need to be a cost offset.

The SDA will be running mass meetings tomorrow onsite to get further feedback on what the company is asking for.  This is YOUR AGREEMENT and we need YOUR INPUT.  And because this is an agreement for the whole site, everyone who would like to attend is most welcome.  The meetings are onsite at the BLDC and the meeting time are 12:45pm and 9pm.

 Unfortunately todays negotiations ended around 11:30am.

One of the bargaining parties was away and another walked out of the negotiations when the company would not let them have paid meetings at the times they wanted.

The SDA exited the negotiations in solidarity, as it did not seem appropriate to continue negotiations with nobody else there.

But we will go ahead with the meetings tomorrow because as YOUR UNION, it’s our job to ask what YOU WANT in your new agreement, not tell you what you should have.