To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate

January 19, 2017 Woolies BLDC

As we reported earlier, one of the negotiating parties was not present on Tuesday and another walked out.

As the only party left to negotiate for the workers, we didn’t think it right to continue negotiating at that time.

However one of the other parties has informed us that they do not intend to participate in any further negotiating meetings.

So yesterday we put it to a show of hands, and asked YOU THE WORKERS, what we should do.

We put 3 scenarios forward and the votes were as follows: 

  • Should the SDA wait until all other bargaining parties come back to the table?  11% said yes, 89% said no.
  • Should the SDA wait until at least one of the other worker representative bargaining parties comes back to the table?  94% said yes, 6% said no.
  • Should the SDA re-engage in negotiations in 1 weeks time, even if the other parties don’t? 84% said yes, 16% said no.

With that knowledge in hand we intend to notify the other bargaining parties that the SDA will be prepared to re-enter negotiations on Thursday of next week unless one of the other parties comes back to the negotiating table before then.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meetings yesterday and gave us their feedback

These are YOUR RATES and YOUR RIGHTS, and the SDA is listening to YOUR VOICE.