Woolies BLDC – Thursdays meeting was both exciting and disappointing.

January 19, 2017 Woolies BLDC

We held mass meetings in the morning and the afternoon – the afternoon session was very well attended. SDA members and everyone else present were briefed on where the negotiations are at. The SDA took this opportunity to seek valuable feedback on where there are flexibilities – thankyou to everyone who volunteered their feedback.

All parties also met to bargain (excluding the EBR who didn’t have a representative at the negotiations).

The SDA responded to the company’s #2 offer but had to reject it on the basis that the pay rise was too low. Taking into consideration the feedback we received, the SDA made a #2 counter offer.

We hope to meet with the company again next week and hear their response. From feedback, it doesn’t look good.

Keep watching www.ourratesourrights.com.au and the OROR Facebook page for updates.