Woolworths BLDC – Negotiations Continued

January 19, 2017 Woolies BLDC

After presenting our response to offer #1 last week, Woolworths BLDC management want to scrap it and move on to another offer. The SDA believes offer #1 had some serious deficiencies but along with the parties involved did not want to see it scrapped all together. It has been suggested that in the second offer, wages will not be increasing as substantially. Due to this, the SDA has asked Woolworths BLDC management if they can leave offer #1 on the table so we can use it as a starting point when we next meet. They have agreed and offer #1 will be on the table until Friday, 7 August. Woolworths BLDC management has also gone so far as to voluntarily remove one of its own cost offsets from the package.

Unfortunately, the wages offer is NOT LIKELY TO BE ENOUGH FOR YOU or other workers to accept. The SDA has put an offer in of its own which includes some extra ‘no cost’ items. All parties will be meeting again this Friday,

7 August 2015 where YOUR DELEGATES and officials will give a FINAL RESPONSE to the company’s initial offer whilst hopefully getting a response back to our offer as well.

There are 3 areas of contention:

1.       Should the agreement include an RDO?;

2.       How long should level 1 apply to a new employee and?;

3.       What is an acceptable pay rise?

Let us know your thoughts before Friday, 7 August – remember it’s YOUR RATES, YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR VOICE!

Email us: secretary@sdaq.asn.au or talk with your SDA organiser.