Asking the company to improve the deal

January 19, 2017 Woolies

On Thursday the SDA delegates met again to discuss the company’s offer, with just the SDA Delegates and the SDA officials present.

The delegates agreed to formally inform the company which elements of their proposed offer needed to be changed, for us to feel like we could endorse it or members consider it.

Your SDA Delegates agreed that:

  • All public holidays must be voluntary
  • There must be solution to the Reserve Pool, rotation of jobs and the promotional criteria
  • Dropping and freezing the Grade 1 rate is just too much
  • The proposed changes to documentation for personal leave goes too far

So we’ve passed this on to the company and asked them to consider changing these items.

Our next negotiating meeting is Tuesday the 22nd of July and all parties will be present, including the Non-Union Representatives, the NUW and the Company.