SDA BRDC Log of Claims

March 27, 2018 Our Rates, Our Rights

On Monday we met with the company and the other bargaining parties.

We exchanged Log of Claims with the company and provided our initial feedback.

Whilst there were many things in the Company’s Log of Claims we could not accept, there were many others the Delegates agreed we can negotiate over.

The company also offered their feedback on the SDA Log of Claims and we will continue to pursue those claims important to our members.

Please see below our complete SDA Log of both significant and subordinate claims.

Significant Log of Claims

Wages and associated matters

  1. An annual 6% compounding increase on all wages, allowances, penalties and any other rates under the 2014 agreement.  First increase from positive vote and on the 22 July each successive year of the agreement.
  2. In the event of negotiations concluding after the 22 July 2018 the employer to back pay increases from the expiry date of the 2014 agreement.
  3. Four (4) year agreement commencing 22 July 2018.
  4. Revise Redundancy provisions of the Agreement to improve benefits and increase severance payments.
  5. Reduce the financial disparity between the classifications of Grade 1 and Grade 2.
  6. Improved provisions for Personal Protective Equipment.
    Operational Matters
  7. That any agreement negotiated is to be a complete account of all matters that have been negotiated and that it will be a BOOT compliant document that incorporates where necessary all National Employment Standards, SDA Union recognition rights and provisions and all other conditions that are able to be incorporated into such agreement.
  8. Coverage of the agreement to extend to any Grocery or Cold Goods shed operated by Woolworths Limited in Queensland.
  9. Rectify, modify and improve the Reserve and Rotation Pool.
  10. Rectify, modify and improve the Succession Criteria.
  11. Insert provisions into the agreement that promote the use of Permanent employment before engaging casual employment and leaving agency as a last resort.
  12. Insert provisions into the agreement that encourages direct employment and the promotion of all employees to permanency.
    Leave and other benefit provisions
  13. Ability of employees to gain greater access to leave at a time of the employee’s choosing.
  14. Insert into the agreement a provision for Domestic violence leave and assistance.
  15. Modify and improve provisions for the payment of wages and leave entitlements upon termination of employment.

    Log of Subordinate Claims

    Wages and associated matters

  16. The inclusion of a requirement for the company to pay for forklift licences and renewals.
  17. Team members to have access to a payroll team member onsite to resolve pay queries.
  18. Sunday Night shift to get 175% of base rate of pay for any hours worked on Sunday evening.
  19. Salary Sacrifice to be extended to be available for items other than Superannuation.
  20. Cleaners to receive an appropriate allowance when required to do a deep clean
  21. The introduction of improvements to the payment of Leave Loading and Public Holidays.
  22. The introduction of improved rates of pay based on length of service.
    Operational Matters
  23. RDO’s, banked and accrued, to be able to be retained past the 24th of October (and the 22 of July 2018).
  24. The inclusion of a requirement for verbals discussion to occur before formal warnings
  25. The inclusion of a requirement for the company to allow employees to work their full normal shift length on a Public Holiday.
  26. More Monday to Friday rosters.
  27. All items currently contained in an MOU to be included in the Enterprise Agreement.
  28. The inclusion of the requirement for employees to receive 4 weeks notice of a shift change.
  29. The inclusion of a requirement that management inform employees of their right to a witness of their choice for any meeting with management.
    Discussion Point
  30. More employees should be able to access a ‘9 day fortnight’.