August 15, 2017 Our Rates, Our Rights

The SDA has long argued with Coles that too many agency casuals are being hired at the expense of Coles casuals.

Members are well aware that the SDA took this matter as a dispute to the Fair Work Commission. The SDA got a commitment from Coles that they would consult with the SDA about agency engagement and to provide access to data about the numbers of agency staff being employed.
We are pleased to report that Coles has recently employed more part-time positions.

The numbers are:

Forest Lake Arvo Shift – 20 positions in May 2017
Forest Lake Day Shift – 15 positions in August 2017
Heathwood Day Shift – 17 positions in August 2017

The SDA vigorously pursued this important matter in the Commission. The 52 extra positions is the result of hard work by members, delegates and officials.
Whilst this is great we still have to be vigilant on this matter and ensure agency numbers are minimised otherwise, if required we may again need to pursue the matter through the grievance procedure and the Commission process.