In 2017 Chris Gazenbeek, SDA Queensland State Secretary, successfully lobbied for and won Easter Sunday as a legislated public holiday in Queensland for our members. It was the first new public holiday to be achieved since ANZAC day in 1927. This was a great win and now all Queenslanders can enjoy a full break over Easter or receive appropriate penalty rate thanks to the SDA.

The hard work continues at the SDA as we have been lobbying the Queensland State Government for the past two years to legislate a public holiday for Christmas Eve in Queensland from 6pm until midnight. We are pleased with the progress of these discussions to date, however the time is now for the Palaszczuk Government to commit to supporting Retail, Fast Food and Warehouse employees and all Queensland families and allow them the opportunity to enjoy Christmas Eve with family and friends.

The SDA believe Christmas Eve is a special time which should be spent with family and friends, attending church, hanging stockings and wrapping presents – not at work, when trading hours have already been significantly increased over the Christmas trading period.
Now we need your help to show the Government this part-day public holiday is necessary. Queenslanders deserve a Christmas Eve Public Holiday because Retail, Fast Food and Warehouse workers have family and friends and deserve a break at this important time of the year or to receive appropriate penalty rates for working these unsociable hours.

To add your voice to the campaign, please click below to send a message to the Premier that Queenslanders deserve a night off on Christmas Eve to spend with their family and friends.

With your support we can make this happen and give Queenslanders the Christmas Eve they deserve.


  • Premier Palaszczuk, all Queenslanders deserve time off on Christmas Eve! Please legislate and make Christmas Eve a Public Holiday from 6pm until midnight from 2018 onwards so Retail, Fast Food and Warehouse employees can enjoy Christmas Eve or be paid appropriate penalty rates for working whilst others enjoy their Christmas.