A Fair Day’s Work for a Fair Day’s pay

December 17, 2019 Know Your Rights News Our Resources

The SDA has always believed in the trade union principle of a ‘fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’. We have never deviated from this principle and we are continually informing members of their rights in this regard.

There is no doubt there is increasing pressure in the shops, distribution centres and fast food outlets on members to work faster, harder, faster, harder.

Where is this increasing pressure coming from?

Clearly this pressure is being applied from senior management and it finally reaches the shop floor.

As a result, many members feel they are doing the work of up to three people. There seems to be an increasing amount of discussion on this theme in the staff rooms, aisles, back docks and car parks. Members can see the disturbing trend and they don’t like it!

More and more customers are abusing members due to the decreasing staffing levels.

You have a choice…..

  • Ask the customers to write an email or letter to Head Office outlining their displeasure. Also, let store management deal with abusive customers;
  • At some point in everybody’s working life, tough decisions need to be made. At some point, we need to say, “No”. Members need to say “no” to unreasonable workloads, say “no” to demands to work through breaks, say “no” to demands to work before or after the shift without additional pay. If this means that the work cannot be completed, so be it.

At some point though, members need to make a decision. Will you say, “Yes, I’m happy to be walked over and work through my breaks etcetera? Alternatively, you can simply say, NO!

After all, one can only do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.