June 22, 2023 News

Every minute you work counts, and if you’re not being paid for all time worked, this is against the law

The SDA has recently won a massive case at ALDI DC relating to unpaid work, winning an estimated $10 million in backpay for impacted workers.

Our case found that ALDI DC workers were expected to perform work duties off the clock. This is not on.
We know this isn’t just limited to ALDI DC.

That’s why we’re launching a nationwide investigation into unpaid work before and after shifts at ALDI retailers.
We’re seeking to take legal action against ALDI to secure backpay for any workers who have been told to do unpaid work before or after their shift.

If you work at ALDI and you’ve ever been asked to do work before or after your shift, take our confidential survey (by scanning the QR code below) so we can pursue compensation for you.

It doesn’t matter how small it might seem, anyone who has worked at ALDI in the past 6 years is eligible to be involved and pursue compensation.

If you have any friends or workmates who work at ALDI or previously worked at ALDI and haven’t gotten involved yet, make sure you show them this article so they don’t miss out.

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