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July 3, 2017 News

By your Information Officers, Diane and Veronica

Every week the union office receives hundreds of phone calls and emails from members. Veronica Buckley has joined Diane Kirk as our two Information Officers and all calls and emails are welcomed. Both Diane and Veronica love helping our members because they both strongly believe that informed members who know and understand their rights and entitlements are better equipped to defend and advance those rights.

Some recent questions on long service leave, superannuation and redundancy:

Q. How much long service leave am I entitled to?
A. 8.667 weeks after 10 years with the same employer.

Q. Am I entitled to long service leave before 10 years?
A. Those members affected by an incapacity to work or have pressing and domestic needs may be able to access their long service leave after 7 years. In this circumstance, it is advisable to speak to Diane or Veronica. Secondly, those members who might be affected by redundancy are able to access their long service leave after 7 years.

Q. What if there is a pay rise while I am on long service leave?
A. You are entitled to any pay rise which falls due while you are on long service leave from the date it falls due.

Q. Am I entitled to long service leave if I am a casual employee?
A. Yes. Casuals are entitled to long service leave. It is advisable to ring the union office and speak to Diane or Veronica about your individual calculation because the dollar amount is dependent on the average number of hours worked over the length of the individual member’s employment.

Q. What happens to my long service leave when I go on parental leave?
A. Your employment is deemed continuous when you go on parental leave. However, you need to make up the additional period of absence before your long service leave accrues.

Q. I was recently made redundant. To my total surprise, my company closed its doors without notice. Do I get paid superannuation on my redundancy pay?
A. Your payment would have consisted of two amounts – namely the notice period amount and the actual redundancy payment. You are legally entitled to be paid superannuation for the notice period but not for the redundancy portion although some members have received superannuation for both payments.

Q. Do I also receive superannuation for my outstanding annual leave and long service leave when I am made redundant?
A. Yes. You receive superannuation on both your annual leave and long service leave accruals. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you voluntarily leave a company or you are made redundant, members are entitled to be paid their super on these entitlements.