Award workers receive a 3.5% pay rise!

July 27, 2018 News

By Justin Power, SDA Assistant State Secretary

Part of the SDA’s core business is to go to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to lift retail and fast food wages

While the majority of SDA members are covered by SDA-negotiated Agreements, raising the minimum wage and Award wages is important for all retail and fast food workers. Spotlight members, for example, rely on the FWC’s decision for their yearly wage increase.

The Annual Wage Review decides the percentage wage increase passed on to workers covered by Modern Awards and workers on the minimum wage.

In 2017, the Fair Work Commission handed down the decision to cut the pay of workers by reducing penalty rates for workers covered by the Retail, Fast Food, Pharmacy and Hospitality Awards.

In 2018, the SDA pushed even harder for a significant increase to wages following the Federal Government’s unjust decision to greenlight penalty rate cuts last year.
The SDA supported the Australian Council of Trade Union’s push for a 7.2% wage increase or $50 per week in this year’s National Minimum Wage Case.

It was disappointing to learn that the National Retail Association (NRA) representing the larger retailers called for a 0% wage increase. This was outrageous and is a clear example of how out of touch the NRA is with the day to day financial struggles of retail workers.

Unions, including the SDA, have always argued for decent wages and regular fair pay rises because these are good for our members and good for the economy.

The best way to boost the economy is by ensuring working people receive regular pay rises.

When wages are cut, workers have to reduce spending and that means less money going back into the economy through local shops, cafes and restaurants.

Wages must keep up with the increasing cost of living and we’re pushing for the pay rises that SDA members need and deserve.

3.5% Wage Increase

On 1 June, the Fair Work Commission handed down a 3.5% wage increase for all Award-based workers. Your new rates of pay are effective from Monday 2 July.
This is good news!

This pay increase is due to your support and your union membership that allows the SDA to continue our work to push for pay rises.

At a time of record low wage growth, unions are the only ones fighting for your pay to go up every year.

Campaigning to increase the minimum rates of pay for retail and fast food workers covered by Modern Awards provides us with a stronger position going in to argue for wage increases in negotiations for new SDA-negotiated Agreements.

It is also important to note that our Coles retail members had their July 2018 wage increase determined by the 2018 Commission decision.