Certification of the Coles Parkinson CSC Agreement

January 29, 2021 Coles DC News

The New Coles Parkinson CDC agreement has been certified by the Fair Wok Commission.

It was certified on the 18th of January 2021 which means it took effect on the Monday the 25th  of January 2021.

This also means that the first 3.5% wage increase should appear in your next pay slip!

And don’t forget the new agreement also includes:

  • 3.5% increases to all other allowances;
  • an increase to the freezer allowance;
  • changes to the Probationary Team Member rates for new team members only;
  • redundancy increased to 4 weeks per year of service capped at 52 weeks;
  • 16 weeks notice in the case of a site closure;
  • Coles to fund forklift high risk license courses/fees;
  • changes to rostering and promotion;
  • a new Domestic Violence Leave clause;
  • five days of Bereavement Leave if you need to travel interstate or overseas;
  • changes to the Permanent/Casual ratios.

The SDA would like to thank all of its members and especially your Delegates for their hard work throughout the agreement making process.

If you have any questions, please contact your SDA Organiser or call the office on 07 3833 9500.