Dominos workers to vote on improved enterprise agreement

January 12, 2018 Domino's Media Releases News

Workers are set to vote on an improved Dominos-SDA enterprise bargaining agreement

following another round of negotiations with the SDA for Dominos employees.

During negotiations, the SDA sought changes in relation to the part time provision and annual leave which were adopted and incorporated into the new agreement, which will be rolled out to staff next week, with voting to take place a week after that.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that in addition to these recent improvements the new agreement contained many important benefits for Domino’s workers.

“We’re pleased this new agreement includes a guaranteed 15 hours per week for part time workers when the award contains just 3 hours per week.”

“Guaranteed hours for part time Domino’s workers will provide a high degree of income security not provided under the award.”

“The new agreement also contains full penalty rates, important conditions such as voluntary work on public holidays, improvements to the uniform provision and greater leave benefits.”

“Taken together, the agreement provides Domino’s workers with a package of greater income certainty, reliable work hours and improved benefits, highly valued in an Australian workplace environment which is characterised by more casualised and insecure employment.”

Following SDA applications to terminate 27 expired SDA Dominos agreements, coming into effect on 24 January 2018, Domino’s workers will revert to Fast Food Industry Award.

While the roll out of the new agreement takes place, award rates, including a full suite of penalty rates on Sundays and Public Holidays, casual loadings and laundry allowances will be paid to Dominos employees from 24 January.

The award rates will apply at Dominos until the new agreement, which must pass the Better Off Overall Test, is voted on by employees and approved by the Fair Work Commission.

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