Don’t be conned

November 13, 2019 News

By Daniel Ferguson and Mili Utia

Recently, some of the oldest tricks in the book have resurfaced.

  • “We have consulted the Union…”
  • “….and the Union has said it’s okay”
  • “The Union has made it that way”

Sound familiar?

Frequently, we are asked questions by members about statements such as those above coming from some management. We are dumbfounded by some of the recent comments attributed to us.

In most cases, we find that the SDA’s name has been used to further the cause of the various companies when in actual fact, the SDA Officials and/or SDA Delegates have not even been involved in the issue/s.

Thankfully, members have started to ask the necessary questions such as:

  • Which Organiser? Which Delegate?
  • Who in the Union Office?
  • When? Where?
  • Are you sure?

Before long, these managers realise that the game is up and back-peddle as fast as they can. Their objective was to make the member get out of the manager’s space instead of answering the question or query truthfully.

One of the SDA Organisers and Delegates most important jobs is to ensure the EBA is adhered to and also to make sure members are aware of their rights. As such, the information bulletins and emails we distribute and send have been checked and double-checked. We are continually striving to inform members about their rights and entitlements and it can be frustrating when we have been misquoted incorrectly on some occasions because line management hope the problem will go away.

How can we combat this?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop some managers from saying these things. All we can do is remind members that all SDA information will be on SDA letterhead and will be authorised by the SDA Branch Secretary, Chris Gazenbeek. Secondly, go to the source or alleged source. Speak to one of your hard-working Delegates or make contact with your SDA Organiser. Also, don’t be afraid to ring or email the union office.

Don’t be conned by some managers not wanting to address the problem!

Go to the source. Speak to your SDA Delegate or check with the union office.