Don’t know where your pay slips are? Here’s why you should.

July 14, 2017 News Tips

Retail, fast food & warehouse workers should always receive regular pay slips and keep them!

Legally, you must receive a pay slip – either printed or electronic – within 1 working day of your pay day.

It might not seem important to check your pay slips but they are detailed records of your pay.

If you’re underpaid or your entitlements aren’t right – it’s much easier to find the problem and calculate any back pay if you have all your pay slips.

What should be on your pay slip?

  • Your name
  • Your employer’s name and Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • The nature of your employment (for example, full-time or casual)
  • Date of payment
  • The period for which you are being paid
  • The gross and net amounts of pay
  • Any penalty rates, bonuses, loadings, allowances, incentive-based payments or other paid entitlements
  • Details of any deductions from your pay
  • Information on your superannuation contributions including the amounts of contributions, and the fund to which the contribution was made.

If you are paid an hourly rate, your pay slip must also list:

  • Your ordinary hourly pay rate;
  • Number of hours worked at that rate and;
  • The amount of pay at that rate

Remember, the same rules apply for electronic pay slips. Electronic pay slips must list the same information as hard copy pay slips.

If you think something is missing from your pay slip – contact the SDA who can help you.

The SDA regularly helps members resolve underpayments, if you’ve been underpaid get in touch with your SDA Delegate or Organiser.