Drakes Supermarkets Retail Agreement 2020 Approved

February 26, 2021 News

The Drakes Supermarkets Retail Agreement 2020 has been approved by the Fair Work Commission on the 8th of February 2021

The new Agreement will operate from 15 February 2021 and the nominal expiry date of the Agreement is 8 February 2025.

The new Agreement contains better pay and conditions for Drakes workers including:

  • Increased Penalty Rates;
  • Yearly Wage Increases;
  • Improved Breaks;
  • Improved Classifications;
  • Casual Conversion;
  • Part-Time Increase to Hours;
  • Increase to Junior Rates;
  • Improved Allowances; and
  • Unpaid Family and Domestic Leave.

For more information, register your information below and the SDA will send you a Summary of the Agreement for you to have on hand if you have any questions about your new Drakes Agreement.