Enjoy Easter Sunday, thanks to the SDA!

April 11, 2017 News

Today is the first year that Easter Sunday has been legislated as a public holiday in Queensland. Throughout 2015 and 2016, the SDA constantly lobbied the state government to bring Queensland into line with NSW and Victoria and legislate to make Easter Sunday a public holiday.

Members were surveyed on the matter in 2015 and members endorsed the SDA’s push to have Easter Sunday join Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday as public holidays. Members strongly supported the campaign because they believed that Easter Sunday is not like other Sundays as it is a special day of significance.

SDA Secretary, Chris Gazenbeek, personally met the Premier and discussed with her the importance of bringing Queensland into the 21st century and legislating Easter Sunday as a public holiday just like NSW and Victoria.

To her credit, the Premier listened and today, for the first time, Easter Sunday is now a public holiday just like Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday.

The SDA pursued this important matter very hard and we won!

For Queensland retail workers, it means:

  • For most, work on Easter Sunday is voluntary;
  • If you choose to work on Easter Sunday, public holiday penalties must be paid;
  • Most SDA members will also enjoy the benefits of the non-working day benefit of Easter Sunday.

SDA member’s can contact the union for more details on their Easter Sunday entitlements.

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