Ensuring your safety in shopping centre car parks

April 8, 2019 News

Those who drive to work and work in shopping centres are generally asked to park on the perimeter of the centre so closer car parks are available for customers. This, however, has caused some safety concerns for members particularly if the car park is poorly lit.
Centre and Store Management

The legal responsibility for ensuring the safety of employees moving to or from shopping centre car parks rests jointly with Centre Management and the employer.

If members feel they are at risk of assault when moving through car parks, particularly at night, ask your employer to help you gain additional safety measures from Centre Management.

These may include:

  • security escorts to cars;
  • higher security presence in car parks at ‘finishing’ time;
  • allowing staff to park near well-lit building exits;
  • better lighting;
  • surveillance cameras; and
  • monitored, secure car parking areas for staff.

Did you know?

Some Enterprise Agreements require store management to provide after hours escorts for employees. Ask your shop steward for the details of this protection. If this is not the case under your EA, ask your employer to provide escorts regardless, and always try to leave the store in a group to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

In any case do not put your safety at risk, it is not worth it!

For further assistance on this matter, please contact the union office.