Equal work & pay

March 14, 2022 News

By Laura Armstrong,
SDA Industrial Officer

Equal opportunity in employment is an issue which has always been important to the SDA and its members.

For women, either those who’ve remained in the workforce or are returning from work commitments, the opportunity for career advancement should be available through:

  • Equality in selection for a position;
  • Equality in promotion;
  • Equality in availability of training.

Equal opportunity means that men and women are selected for employment and promotion on the basis of MERIT; i.e., ability, experience and relevant qualifications – not on the basis of their gender.

SDA Campaign

The SDA began a campaign for equal opportunity for its female members in the mid-1970’s.

We approached a number of companies which at the time had discrimination policies against their female employees.

The Union demanded that women workers be treated equally to male workers. We said that promotion in the companies should be open to women. We said that selection for training for management jobs need to be based solely upon the abilities of the applicants.

The changes in company policy and the opportunities for women workers now available are mostly due to the Union’s efforts over the last 40 plus years.

Federal Legislation

In 1986 the federal government introduced legislation which required companies to develop equal employment opportunity programs. This legislation has been designed to ensure equal opportunity for all. It is firmly based on the principle of selection on the basis of merit alone.

What about you?

The Union encourages and supports any member who seeks improvement in their employment. We encourage members to seek opportunities to better themselves in their job.

If any member has applied for a position and been rejected for reasons not related to their ability, they are advised to contact the Union.

We will support any member’s efforts to achieve equality of opportunity in their workplace.