First job checklist

May 19, 2020 News

Congratulations on scoring your first job!

How exciting! Your first job! It’s your chance to meet new people, learn new skills and start making some money.

You’ve scored the job – there are a few more things to organise before you can get to work!

Before you start:

  1. Sign up for a bank account so you can get paid. There are heaps of options; most accounts are free for people under 18 so make sure you get a great deal.
  2. Apply for a TFN (Tax File Number): your new employer will ask for this so they can pay tax on your behalf.
  3. Find an outfit: Most employers will have a uniform for you to wear but you may not get it for a few shifts. Black trousers and a white button up shirt are usually acceptable until you get your uniform. If you don’t need a uniform, wait till after your first shift you will then have a better idea of expectations.
  4. Figure out how to get to work and how long it will take you: how will you get there? Do you have a ride home? Plan to get to work ten minutes early in case anything happens. You don’t want to be late on your first day.

Your first day:

  1. Bring a notepad and pen: it will show you are eager to learn and you can make notes for anything you may forget later.
  2. Filling out forms: on your first day, your employer will ask you to fill out a few forms at the start of your induction. This could include: a form for your personal information (name and address), emergency contact details, a Superannuation form (the Industry Superannuation fund for workers in retail, fast food and warehousing is REST), an availability form (make sure you know when you’ll be available to work without overloading yourself with school and other commitments)
  3. Join your union: A union is an organisation who can help and support you if anything goes wrong at work. They also fight for your rights at work – like pay rises. It’s important to be a member, at any age. You may get a visit from a union representative during your induction or you can join up online at
  4. Make some small talk: your first day can be scary, especially if you’re shy. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet and try to remember their name. Prepare some topics of discussion like the TV show you’re currently watching or what you did over the weekend. Remember everyone at your induction feels the same way!
  5. Ask questions: Now is your chance to ask questions, even if they seem silly (someone else is usually thinking the same thing). Don’t be afraid; it is the trainers job to answer anything you ask. They’d much prefer you ask these questions now than in a few weeks.

After your first day

  1. Take notes: If you didn’t do it at the time, write down any info you need to remember. If you’re bad with names, write down everyone you remember and their job so you can look over it again tomorrow.
  2. Write down one reason you took the job: Talk it over – speak to your parents or your friends about how your first day was. Often you’ll be worried about something that doesn’t matter in the long run, and they can help you put your mind at ease.
  3. Relax: Take some time out and try to forget about work. The more you stress, the longer it will take to fit in and get accustomed to your new job.