Injured in an accident outside of work? – the SDA can help!

January 28, 2020 Member News News THANK YOUs

By Justin Power, SDA Assistant Secretary

In the 1980s, the SDA National Executive made the decision to insure all our financial members outside of working hours via a FREE Accident Insurance Policy. This policy covers our members outside the times they are covered by workers’ compensation. Of course, there are exclusions to the world- wide policy such as soft tissue injuries, terrorist attacks and professional sports.

Since then, thousands of members have benefitted from the policy. Million of dollars have been paid out and for most, the money has been used to pay medical bills, to pay rent and pay some bills.

In calendar year 2019, over 150 Queensland members made a claim on the policy. The injuries which resulted from an accident included broken toes, broken fingers, arthroscopes, ACLs, fractured knee caps and shoulders. Over the years, there have also been more traumatic accidents which have resulted in paraplegia, permanent disablement and/or death.

The payout on these claims range from $350 to $47,000.

The very nature of these injuries such as a broken leg or an ACL means that our members are off work for many weeks. Most of our members don’t have enough personal or other leave to cover their absence and are desperate for financial help. As a result, they are relieved and excited when they receive their cheque in the mail from the insurance company.

Grateful member

Chris Downs who has been a long term member from Coles Springwood has recently benefitted from the FREE policy. She suffered a wrist injury and had to take unpaid leave due to complications. In her own words, “As I had to take unpaid leave, the $700 has come in very handy. The progress of my injury is a slow process due to complications so I am grateful for the SDA for having the insurance section in the union fees”. Chris further added, “I would like to thank Diane, Denise and Tammy for all the help I received when making this claim”.

Helping your work colleagues

It is often the case that some of our members forget that the SDA has the FREE Accident Insurance Policy. Therefore, if one of your workmates has suffered an injury outside the times they are covered by workers’ compensation, please remind them to contact the union office. Of course, the policy only covers SDA financial members. In fact, the SDA is the only Queensland union that covers its members with this FREE policy.

Some people might argue that the SDA discriminates against those who are not in the Union. I prefer to say that the SDA positively discriminates in favour of our members. We have never apologised for our positive discrimination in favour of our members and we never will.

For further details on this policy, please click here.