Is your manager a Medical Practitioner?

March 31, 2021 News

by Kym Smith, SDA Organiser

I am convinced! The retail industry must have the cleverest management in any industry in Australia. I have come to this conclusion because the way they act, several of my managers must be working as Doctors in their spare time.


Recently, a member rang work to say she wouldn’t be in because she was sick. Her manager told her “she looked alright yesterday and if she didn’t turn up for her shift she wouldn’t have a job.”

You have to admit this particular manager is in the wrong job!

A second member reported that she fell ill during her shift and went home. Later that day her department manager rang her at home twice, pressuring her to come back to work because they were understaffed.
Others have been told they would not be paid for sick days even though they had accrued personal leave pay.

Surprise Surprise

It would not surprise the reader that I’ve had several complaints from members regarding the treatment they have received while on Sick/Personal leave.

The behaviour illustrated above is not acceptable! It is not up to management to decide whether a person is sick or not or threaten members with the sack.

Members should contact their Shop Steward, their Delegate or ring the union office immediately if they think they have been treated unfairly.

Sick/Personal Leave is an entitlement.

Full-time and part-time members are entitled to paid sick leave whilst casual members are entitled to unpaid sick leave.

All SDA Enterprise Agreements and Awards contain a Personal Leave clause which includes sick leave and family leave.

Personal leave is one of the most important clauses in any individual Enterprise Agreement or Award. It gives members the opportunity to recuperate from a personal illness or injury. There is also a provision for employees to provide care and support to a family member or a member of the employee’s household who is ill or injured.

Seek help…

If members are unsure of their entitlements to personal leave, seek the assistance of the trained SDA Shop Steward/s or Delegate/s in your workplace. They will be more than happy to help you.