March 31, 2021 Know Your Rights News

Diane and Veronica, SDA Information Officers

Just sign this… We are often asked by members whether they should or must sign a piece of paper which has been ‘put under their nose’ by management.

Our answer is always the same. “Would you sign a document outside of work if a complete stranger put the same document before you”?

In this circumstance, the member would want to read the document and if need be, get a second opinion on whether it would be a good idea or not to sign the document.

Similarly, at work, it is common sense that the first step a member should take would be to read the document. If, for example, the document said that you went to a meeting and nothing more, then it would be fine to indicate that you attended the meeting.
However, if you were asked to immediately sign a document that you felt uncomfortable with, we would strongly advise members that you do not sign the document until you have had an opportunity to read the document and if need be, seek the advice of your SDA Shop Steward, SDA Delegate or SDA Organiser.