Media Statement – Specialty Fashion Group

November 22, 2017 Media Releases News

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer expressed deep disappointment at the news that up to 1,000 retail workers across the Specialty Fashion Group may lose their jobs as the company decided to close over 300 stores to 2020.

“This is absolutely devastating news for retail workers and their families who’ve been given the news that they may no longer have a job.”

Retail workers at Millers, Katies, Cross Roads, City Chic and Rivers now face an uncertain future with the recent announcement that the Specialty Fashion Group which own the brands, is undertaking significant downsizing.

Mr Dwyer said the union had been working with the company over the past several months with a view to securing its long term future and was devastated that so many workers now faced losing their jobs.

“The closure of so many stores will have ramifications right across our cities and regions, impacting local communities.”

“The SDA has been working closely with the Specialty Fashion Group with a focus on retaining jobs and supporting the businesses long term sustainability.”

“For remaining Specialty Fashion Group employees, we’re hopeful that this will be the last of the bad news.”

“Our immediate focus is on supporting retail employees and their families and I encourage any employee requiring assistance to get in touch with the union.”

“We’ll be ensuring that employee entitlements can be maintained and we’ll be doing everything we can to support that process.”

The SDA will have representatives on hand to support Specialty Fashion employees and their families. Any employee who is seeking urgent support should contact the SDA office in their respective branch.

Media contact: Darren Rodrigo, 0414783405