April 30, 2018 Member News Newsletters

By Chris Gazenbeek, State Secretary.

  1. Australian retail and fast food workers are some of the highest paid retail and fast food workers in the world.
  2. Our warehouse members are the highest paid DC employees in Queensland.
  3. The SDA secured Easter Sunday as a public holiday from 2017 and we are currently working on getting Christmas Eve after 6pm being declared as a public holiday.
  4. Voluntary work on Public Holidays in most Enterprise Agreements.
  5. 20 years olds now enjoy the adult rate of pay and we are now working on adult rates of pay for 18 and 19 year olds.
  6. Successfully launched No One Deserves a Serve Campaign which will bring meaningful results for SDA members.
  7. Heavily involved in National Minimum Wage Reviews.
  8. Fighting strongly to restore penalty rates.
  9. Lobbying governments to improve superannuation.
  10. Fighting for casual loadings on Saturdays and late nights.