Don’t Blame the Union

February 19, 2018 Member News

By Naomi McQuire, Organiser

During my latest visits to workplaces, I have recently been confronted with the expression, “we were told the union said it was okay”.

I often respond with the comment, “what are you talking about”?

I then hear comments such as, “the boss told us that he spoke to someone from the Union and they said it was okay”.

Of course, I ask the question, “He never spoke to me. Therefore, he must have spoken to someone in the office. Who did he speak to, and on what day and time did he speak to this person”?

I also reminded these members that all calls to the union office are confidential but are also recorded in case the matter needs to be pursued through the grievance procedure.

The penny then drops with the members. The manager has lied.

He has deliberately misled the members and tried to get away with it by saying that the Union said it was okay.

This particular manager was not the first to try this old trick. I can assure all my members that he will not do it again!

This manager wasn’t being particularly creative. At some point dishonest people are caught.

Therefore, if a manager says, “the union said it was okay”, ask the question, “who said it and when did they say it”?