Get organised in the DC’s

April 30, 2018 Big W DC Member News Our Rates, Our Rights Woolies BLDC

One of the core functions of the SDA is representing members in enterprise bargaining negotiations. Through Enterprise bargaining, SDA members improve their wages and working conditions and thus share in their company’s profitability. Members get this opportunity every two or three years and it is extremely important to be organised for such negotiations.
In 2018 the SDA will be representing many warehouse members with various companies including Woolworths BRDC, Coles DCs, Big W DC and API DC.
The SDA views these negotiations very seriously so much so that SDA officials and Delegates attend every meeting.

Before the negotiations commence, the SDA distributes a ‘log of claims’ survey whereby members have the opportunity to put forward their suggestions on how their Enterprise Agreement can be improved. These views are collated, voted on and become the final ‘log’ which is presented to the company at the first meeting. This has been done in the afore-mentioned DCs.
At the time of writing, negotiations are expected to shortly begin in the Woolworths, Coles and Big W DCs.

Imagine if…

Imagine, for the moment, that you were the company representative in such negotiations. What would be the ideal situation?

  • A divided workforce;
  • Minimal union membership – zero membership would be the best scenario;
  • Union officials not being bothered to turn up to negotiations;
  • No SDA Delegates.

Naturally, a company will view EA negotiations more seriously when they have a united workforce with 100% SDA membership, trained SDA Delegates and experienced SDA Officials representing SDA members in negotiations.

What about non-SDA members?

Not only are they letting themselves down; they are also letting down every SDA member by making it so much easier for the employers in the EA negotiations. We can all do our bit by encouraging non-members to join the SDA. After all, the best agreements are those where SDA membership is high.

Remember – Get Organised!