Q&A with Diane Kirk and Veronica Buckley SDA Information Officers

February 19, 2018 Member News

Each week we receive hundreds of phone calls from SDA members. These questions are wide and varied. Listed below are three examples of the questions we have received in the last month.

Q. I have applied for a transfer as I am moving interstate. What happens now?

A. Applying for a transfer even if it is signed off by your store manager does not mean you have a job at your new location. It only means your store is prepared to let you go. There has to be a position available at the new location and the store manager has to give you an offer of employment for a transfer to be completed. Unless you receive this offer in writing NOTHING IS ASSURED.

We have heard from members who have left full-time positions in other states and travelled to Queensland believing they have an equal transfer only to be offered a casual position on far less hours at the new store. This, as you can imagine, has caused great financial hardship and disappointment.

The moral of the story is to find out how the transfer system in your company works and then ring the manager of the new store to see if there are any vacancies available before you move!

Q. I have been offered permanent work. Do I now have to wait 12 months before taking Annual Leave?

A. As a permanent employee, you generally have to wait for 12 months after your starting date before you can access your leave. However, most Enterprise Agreements contain a sub clause which says pro rata annual leave can be taken by mutual agreement between the employer and the individual employee.

Your Shop Steward or Delegate will give you sound advice on this subject.

Q. I want to take unpaid leave for one day and my manager won’t let me. What is the problem? It is not as if they have to pay me.

A. Unpaid Leave in any form is similar to other leave entitlements such as Annual Leave, Long Service Leave or Parental leave. It needs to be applied for and then approved by management before it can be taken. The only exception is of course Sick Leave.

We would strongly recommend you apply for this leave as soon as possible and if you are unsuccessful, speak to your SDA Shop Steward or Delegate as a matter of urgency.