February 19, 2018 Member News

Recently there have been a number of issues with roster changes in different stores of a large supermarket chain. The reason for the changes is usually the same. The store needs more staff during busy times which usually happen to be at night and weekends. Members are told the changes have been ordered by state or national office and there is no use objecting to the changes because no one will listen.

Unfortunately a lot of members take the company’s position as gospel and sign the new rosters even though, for example, it will adversely affect their family life or the ability to get home safely.

However a number of members did contact the union office with their concerns and were given advice on how to go about having the company take note of their particular issues.
In a number of cases, the members affected were able to stay on their existing roster and avoid late night or weekend work all together as the company was satisfied these members had a genuine commitment outside of work.

Roster changes should always be taken on a case by case basis and if you feel your employer is being unreasonable, please don’t hesitate to contact your Shop Steward or the SDA office to ascertain the merits of your case. Sometimes just the act of objecting to a roster will result in the company making appropriate changes.