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December 21, 2023 Member News

SDA member Rhiannon had been at her workplace for a number of years when she was invited to undertake the company’s baking course. She took up the challenge and completed the course.

On completion, she started working as a non-skilled baker and was paid under that classification. Down the track she noticed that her classification had changed without any communication from the company while she was still performing the duties of a non-skilled baker.

Rhiannon raised this at a store level with the office in charge, department manager, store support manager and store manager over a period of time, but to no result.

She reached out to the SDA and we confirmed she was entitled to be paid at the correct classification and started the process to raise the matter with the company. Luckily, Rhiannon had kept thorough records which helped the SDA industrial team in her case.

The matter was resolved within 5 weeks after the SDA got involved, and Rhiannon received a sizeable backpay of her rightful entitlements. She plans to take a holiday and put some money in savings with the funds.

When asked what advice Rhiannon would give to others, she said:
“Instead of getting frustrated trying to solve an issue by yourself at store-level – go straight to the SDA for assistance”

By Liz Berry,
SDA Organiser