February 16, 2018 Member News

All workers are covered by workers’ compensation including casuals.

When am I entitled to claim Workers Compensation?

You are entitled to claim if you suffer death, injury or illness arising out of, or in the course of, your employment, if the employment is a contributing factor to the death, injury or illness.

Workers’ compensation also covers:

  • Work caused aggravations of injuries or illnesses.
  • Injuries that occur on your normal journey to and from your workplace (your property boundary is the cut off point for coverage), as long as there is no substantial delay, interruption or deviation from your normal journey.
  • Workers’ Compensation covers illness as well as injury, including psychological conditions such as a range of stress related illnesses. However, stress related claims can be rejected if the condition has been caused by reasonable management action taken in a reasonable way, such as a shift change to suit the operational needs of the business or your failure to get a promotion which was given to someone more experienced or qualified for the position.

If I put in a Claim, what am I entitled to?

The main things that you can claim under Workers’ Compensation are:

  • Lost wages for time lost off work
  • Medical Expenses (including hospitalisation and pharmaceuticals)
  • Lump sum for death (payable to dependants) and permanent impairment
  • Travelling expenses
  • Home Care (only under certain circumstances).


If you are unsure about anything in regard to workers’ compensation, please ring or email the union office. After all, workers’ compensation can be a legal minefield!