2024 Mid year report

July 2, 2024 News

By Justin Power, SDA State Secretary

SDA State Secretary, Justin Power, and SDA Assistant Secretary, Tony Stapleton visiting members at their workplaces.

The Fair Work Commission has announced their Annual Wage Review decision, resulting in a 3.75% wage increase for workers under awards and agreements linked to this decision, effective July 1. This much-needed pay increase for SDA members was achieved through a strong campaign by the SDA and the union movement.

This increase is a real wage boost, surpassing the current inflation rate. A heartfelt thank you to all SDA members who campaigned for better wages in 2024 – your support has helped to raise the wages for hundreds of thousands of workers.

Workers covered by an award or an SDA-negotiated Agreement linked to this decision will receive this pay rise, guaranteeing a minimum 3.75% increase to your pay starting July 1. The SDA will provide specific rates of pay to its members when they take effect.

Superannuation to Increase

From July 1, 2024, the Superannuation Guarantee will increase from 11% to 11.5%. The SDA proudly campaigned for this increase, which is a welcome boost to the retirement savings of millions of workers. Next year, the superannuation rate will rise again, reaching 12%.

Tax Cuts on July 1

Every Australian taxpayer will receive a tax cut on July 1, adding to the benefits workers will receive. This means that workers will enjoy a triple benefit: a pay rise, increased superannuation, and a tax cut.

Thank you once again to all the SDA members for your continued support and dedication. Together, we are making significant strides toward better wages and conditions for all workers.


It has also been a busy year of bargaining for the SDA. The Big W Agreement took effect on May 20, and the Coles Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission on May 8, set to come into effect on October 7.
The new Woolworths Agreement received a 62% ‘Yes’ vote and at the time of writing this article is soon to be lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

These agreements all provide above-award wages for team members, along with more paid time off, fairer rostering, and the opportunity for additional hours.

We are currently in negotiations for a new Officeworks Agreement and expect to have a new proposed agreement for members to vote on soon.

In this particularly busy year of bargaining, it has been all hands on deck at the SDA. Organisers, Officials, and even the Assistant Secretary, Tony Stapleton and I have been out in stores holding information sessions and discussing the new Agreement with members.

It’s crucial to attend these sessions or catch up with your SDA Shop Steward or Organiser to ensure you understand the details of your Agreement. If you have any questions about your new or proposed Agreement, I encourage you to get in touch with the SDA by phone or email. Our trained Information and Industrial Officers are available to help with any inquiries you might have.