Don’t bag retail staff, as Woolworths plastic bags go

June 26, 2018 Media Releases No One Deserves A Serve

The union representing retail workers welcomes Woolworths’ decision to phase out single use plastic bags as of June 20, but reminds shoppers to remain respectful as part of it’s “Don’t Bag Retail Staff” campaign.

With the banning of single use plastic bags in Woolworths stores across Australia, the SDA has launched a special ‘Don’t Bag Retail Staff’ campaign as part of their ongoing efforts to stop abusive behaviour towards retail workers.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said customers should be prepared for the new bag rules, on June 20, at Woolworths.

“We welcome this positive change for the environment and remind customers to bring their own reusable bag or simply purchase one at the checkout.”

“While we understand that some customers may be frustrated by this change, there is no excuse for abusive or violent behaviour towards retail staff.”

Mr Dwyer said the union will be reminding Woolworths’ staff about their rights, including not overloading bags at the customer’s request and not handling extremely dirty or unhygienic bags.

“This will be a change for retail staff, but they should always follow safe work practices and report any abusive or violent behaviour from customers about the changes to their supervisor.”

“The SDA has and continues to consult with employers to ensure they are supporting staff through this change including providing training on the new rules and support for workers reporting incidents of abusive behaviour from customers.

“Retail workers should not have to bear the brunt of any abusive behaviour, just for following the new rules.”

SDA research involving 6,000 retail and fast food workers last year found that more than 85% had experienced abuse from customers at work.

“Please be prepared, and please, don’t bag retail staff.

“After all, no one deserves a serve simply for doing their job.”

On 1 July Western Australia and Queensland will join South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory in banning single use plastic bags.

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