MEDIA RELEASE: Retail workers applaud decision to prioritise vaccines for warehouse workers – now for Supermarket staff

August 8, 2021 Media Releases

Quotes from Chris Gazenbeek, State Secretary of the SDA Queensland Branch – the union for retail, fast food and warehouse workers:

The SDA welcomes the decision of the Palaszczuk government to give warehouse workers priority access to vaccines.

The decision follows intensive engagement by the SDA with the Premier and the Health Minister.

It is a substantial down payment on efforts to ensure Queensland gets on top of the extremely infectious Delta strain of the COVID virus and to guarantee the community retains access to food and the other essentials of life.

The same logic now dictates that it is time to give vaccine priority to supermarket workers, who are at high risk of being infected.

Data from NSW shows that until supermarket workers in the local government areas of concern in Sydney were given priority access to vaccines shops and shopping centres made up 90 percent of casual COVID contacts and close to 60 percent of close contacts.

The SDA is engaging with the Premier and the Health Minister to extend priority access to age appropriate vaccines for Queensland supermarket workers.

Priority access will ensure Queenslanders can continue to get the food and other essentials of life they need.

It will also reduce infection of supermarket workers and shoppers, enhancing the prospects of returning to normal and reducing the likelihood of future lockdowns.

When you shop, please remember to help keep yourself, workers and fellow customers safe by wearing a mask, social distancing as much as possible, avoid congregating and respecting workers who are just doing their job.

Chris Gazenbeek is available for interview.

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