MEDIA RELEASE: SDA defeats total deregulation of shop trading hours.

February 15, 2017 Media Releases

The SDA notes that the current trading hours’ regime is both complex and confusing.  We support the standardisation of trading hours but not at the expense of retail workers and their families.

The SDA supports the mooted changes concerning special events such as the Commonwealth Games but question the need for Easter Sunday trading which is an important day for our members and their families.

The SDA fought hard for the 5 year moratorium and the ability of workers to refuse to work the additional hours.  The Government is to be applauded for supporting the 5 year moratorium thus providing SDA members with some clarity and consistency in their working pattern. Importantly, the government is recommending adequate protections for retail workers where there are extensions to retail hours. Our members will have the choice whether they wish to work the additional hours as opposed to being required to work.

Importantly the Government has also agreed that after the moratorium period ceases, when any future applications to extend trading hours are made, the effect and impact on the employees will now need to be considered by the QIRC.  This will bolster the SDA’s ability to protect retail workers from future changes to trading hours.

Media contact: Alison Brearley 0418 781 524